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Criminal Law and White Collar Crimes

Have you been accused of a crime? Having expert legal representation on your side is paramount to your future. Whether you've been charged with a criminal offense or a non-violent white collar crime, having the right lawyer on your side can mean everything when it comes to your future. No matter the offense, you deserve an attorney that is on your side, and that will argue your case tirelessly. At Hans Pfaffenberger Law PLLC, we will argue on your behalf and give your case the representation and care it deserves. 

As experienced trial attorneys, we are not afraid to defend your rights in court for the best possible outcome. We will work with you, one-on-one to understand the circumstances and nuances of your case so that we can present the best defense possible and we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any legal matter. 

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Insurance Law and Coverage

Are you having an insurance issue? Do you have a questions whether there is coverage for your claim? For over 15 years we have been helping people make sure their insurance covers what it was meant to. Whether your claim involves an injury, property damage, arson or theft, we can help. We combine or trial experience with our insurance knowledge to bring you a complete and comprehensive defense strategy, for policy holders and insurance companies alike. We will work on your behalf to reach a resolution to your insurance issue. Call us today at 502-465-6203 to schedule an appointment.

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Insurance Fraud and Examinations Under Oath

At Hans Pfaffenberger Law PLLC, we work on behalf of insurance companies conducting fraud investigations in suspected cases of fraud, as well as advising and defending policyholders during investigations. We bring our combined criminal trial experience and insurance fraud investigation experience to work for you in every case and every investigation. If you are an insurance company that suspects fraud or an individual in need of defense in a fraud investigation or case, contact our office today at 502-465-6203.

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